Coffee Bar: A Novel Wedding Reception Idea

Make your wedding day more special by sharing and serving coffee during your wedding reception.

Coffee is refreshing and delightful. A fresh cup can uplift the spirit and start a person’s day. It is a must-have in the morning and a go-to during break time. It is welcomed in many occasions and is a great way to welcome guests and to make them feel at home. What better way for couples to celebrate their wedding and to express their appreciation to their guests than by serving freshly brewed coffee.

Having a coffee bar is a perfect way to do just that.

A coffee bar or counter is great for weddings and couples can customize their drinks menu to provide their guests with a unique experience. Couples can hire a coffee catering service that can set up its own booth or station in the reception area. These services usually include baristas that greet guests and serve specialty coffee.

While it is definitely fun and novel, having a coffee bar is not a one-size-fits-all idea. It ideal for the following occasions:

– Morning receptions scheduled for breakfast or brunch,

– Evening pick-ups before a late night celebration, and

– Non-alcoholic alternatives served to guests in between the wedding ceremony and reception.

Couples can also use this opportunity to express their creativity and thoughtfulness. Here are some ideas that couples can use to jazz up their wedding reception:

Customize the display. A coffee bar can be part of the reception or party theme. Be bold, daring or colorful with the decorations and display. This will attract the attention of guests and have a special corner where all the buzz is, one that stands out apart from the usual catering or food tables. Couples can work with a coffee catering service to coordinate their desired look or design for the coffee bar.

Explore new coffee flavors. A barista is usually able to brew different types of coffee beverages such as latte, espresso and cappuccino. As a special request, your catering service may also provide coffee beans that originate from different regions or countries.

Have some coffee art. Unlike serving soft drinks or using an automatic coffee machine, hiring a barista who can create lovely coffee art always leaves an impression on guests.

If you would like something that is even more unique, ask your coffee service caterer to provide wedding themed coffee art. You can even create wedding-themed hashtags, words and pictures in a guest’s cuppa. Imagine having hashtags like #HappilyEverAfter or hearts in your cup of coffee. It would definitely be a fun and creative way to serve guests and make their experience memorable. It is great for pictures too!

Decorate coffee cups and sleeves. Couples can also design their own cups according to their reception theme. A fun twist to this idea is to have guests personalize their own cups. Colorful pens or markers can be placed by the coffee bar and guests can write their own names or decorate their own coffee cups or sleeves.

Give away coffee beans or mugs. Aside from planning a physical coffee bar, couples can also choose to give away coffee beans or wedding-themed mugs to their guests. Some coffee catering services also import, roast and sell their own coffee beans. Couples can check if these services offer package deals with the coffee bar.

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