Espresso Cups Give Your Business a Jolt

Does your business need a jolt? Try hot promotional items-espresso cups! Custom printed espresso cups will give your business the lift you are looking for. If business has been lagging, then these imprinted cups are just what you need to get it going again.

Every now and again, people like to step outside the norm of a regular cup of coffee and have a shot of espresso. Since espresso is such a strong coffee, you need a large mug to pour the coffee into and drink from. What is needed is a little cup-an espresso cup. These charming cups do just the trick when you need a shot of espresso. They are the perfect size for a shot of espresso. Not too much and not too little. Just right. If you feel tired, with just one cup of espresso you’ll feel awake and alert.

It’s because of this need and like of espresso that people have that businesses need to use promotional espresso cups as a way to advertise their business. If you give away these cups for free, people will gladly take them and use them for the many years that they last. They are one thing that can last for many years to come and they are one thing that people will put to good use. Just imagine. Every time your customers have guests over and they serve espresso, they will be using your espresso cups. The guests will see the cups that have your logo on them and probably inquire as to where your customer got them. This is called word-of-mouth advertising. This is the best form of advertising you can get because it will come with a recommendation from your customer. A recommendation is all you need to gain new customers. If they ever need a product or service from your company, you know that with your customer’s recommendation they will go to you. And, all of this stems from them have espresso with you promotional espresso cups!

When you consider other forms of advertisement, such as television and radio spots and newspaper ads, custom printed espresso cups is the logical and best choice. Television and radio spots are way too expensive and are only about 30 seconds long. Plus, most people change the channel during commercials. Newspaper ads are cheaper but they only last a day and most people wind up throwing them away without reading them. But, promotional espresso cups are long lasting. Figure they can last for over 10 years (probably more) and people will use them. Now that’s an advertising medium that you can really get your money’s worth.

As a business owner, you can’t lose with customized espresso cups. People love to drink espresso. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or whether they feel hot or cold. The idea of the shot of espresso is to get that awake, alert feeling. And your promotional espresso cups will do just the trick in making the whole experience an authentic one.

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