Espresso Decaf – Is it an Oxymoron?

Espresso is a strong coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure using darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans. Espresso Decaf is strong coffee with the caffeine removed. Usually, it comes in many types and names, depending on the style of how it is blended and roasted.

There are a few ways of decaffeinating espressos. One of the highly used method is the Swiss Water Process or commonly known as solvent-free method. This method removes caffeine by using steam and charcoal filters in a complex series of steps and most often than not, it will be mentioned on the coffee package or the website.

The second method which, on average, will not be mentioned on coffee package or the website is by using approved chemical solvents. The chemical solvent will selectively blend in with the caffeine and will steam out of the beans consequently.

Nevertheless, it is granted that some people might worry more about the consequences of chemical solvent residue when they consume their coffees. At least, they would not have to worry too much now, as they have other option whenever they want to indulge themselves with a cup of Espresso Decaf. They can always spend their money on coffees which are prepared by the Swiss Water Process or any other solvent-free methods which are beginning to emerge and they are equally competitive in the coffee world.

In this day and age, coffee is widely consumed, particularly, amongst adults. Espressos decaffeinated or not, are one of the many types of coffee, which are increasingly popular and loved by many. They are still a much preferred drink although they are naturally strong and bold in taste. The richness of the aroma in them would easily entice anyone, coffee lovers or not, to try them if not add them in the must-have list, even at the expense of having a headache or feeling extra anxious. Because, at the end of the day, one would just want to indulge in something which is sinful and worth it and espressos are all of them.

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