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Espresso and the preparation of espresso is nothing less than an art. It cannot be denied that espresso making machines form the very heart of this art, and therefore are an item of constant review by experts as well as coffee drinkers. Some of the best espresso makers in terms of consistency, taste of product and common durability are:

Delonghi Magnificia Automatic Espresso Machine: Available at around $600, this super-automatic espresso machine can make a variety of espresso. It can make espresso, cappuccino, coffee or even latte with this machine. The machine has a self-cleaning system, which works automatically. Also, it is a beans-to-brew system, which grounds the beans immediately.

Rancio Silvia: The Rancio Silvia has periodically been hailed as one of the best value for money machines. It is made up of durable steel and has a forged-glass-boiler. It has a twelve-ounce boiler capacity and can prepare steam in 20 seconds. A double shot of espresso takes 40 seconds on an average and it can steam four ounces of steam within 20 seconds. It is available at around $500.

Krups Allegro FND111: The Krups Allegro FND111 is one of the entry-level espresso makers in the market. This steam-driven-espresso maker is simple to use and doesn’t require a huge investment. This machine is available at around $50. However, it is sometimes said that Krups machines do not prepare a genuine espresso, because they cannot maintain the required pressure.

Gaggia Carezza: The Gaggia Carezza works as well as the other higher-end espresso machines. However, the main difference between the expensive ones and Gaggia is the plastic housing, as opposed to the steel housing that expensive machines have.

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