Espresso Machine Shopper? Important Features to Consider When Choosing an Espresso Machine!

The Breville BES830XL is a mid-priced espresso machine at about $499 and its features make it simple to use for even the novice espresso maker. Its main feature is the Thermoblock heating system that is responsible for delivering bursts of hot water to the filter head and creating pressure to the coffee grounds or espresso pods to create a smooth-tasting and rich coffee. For about the same price, the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine uses advanced technology with a classic design to do everything a commercial espresso maker can do.

Capresso offers two choices in espresso machines including the Capresso Coffee Maker Ultima 121.01 on the lower end of the price range at about $299 and the upper end Capresso ENA4 Espresso Maker which is available for about $800 and offers easier programming for the serious coffee maker. The Capresso ENA4 is also a more professional looking machine in platinum and black. There are also two models available from DeLonghi including the DeLonghi EC702 which you can find online for about $190. This is a great value for the versatility of the machine and the great price. The DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 is a versatile, high quality espresso machine that you can get for about $680. Among its many desirable features, the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 uses even heat distribution to consistently make the ideal cup of coffee.

Nespresso espresso machines are another consideration when you are looking for the best machine for the money. The Nespresso C185 Le Cube is available at a great price for about $240 and is a great choice for those looking for a single serving machine. The Nespresso D120 requires a slightly higher investment at around $315 and offers espresso and lungo features as well as an integrated mil frothing device. This machine also has an energy saving mode for the environmentally conscious! The least expensive Nespresso machine, the C100 Espresso Machine goes for an amazing low price of about $220. The Nespresso C100 Espresso Machine works with a unique extraction system that is designed specifically for coffee filled capsules so it will make the perfect cup of espresso every time.

The Nespresso D290 Espresso Maker is the ultimate Nespresso for a great value of about $359. It has an auto-frothing attachment that allows you to perfect your technique so you do not have to guess at the measurements for a great cup of coffee. The programmable liquid dosing makes it simple to fix the perfect cappuccino and latte every time. All of the espresso machines listed in this article make coffee like the expensive coffee houses and all are available for well under $1000. Many coffee lovers expect to pay much more than that to get an espresso machine that serves up a great cup of coffee. As you can see, there are a number of models that can make a great cup of coffee and that offer versatility for coffee drinkers on a budget!

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