La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Machine

If you really love your coffee, then this could be the coffee machine for you. The La Pavoni Europiccola lever type espresso maker is a specialty coffee machine, capable of making a wide range of different coffee styles from standard espresso to a cold sheccerato. It operates using a manual pump action mechanism which takes a little getting used to, but for the serious coffee drinker it turns it into an art form.

It is a stunning looking machine; it has a real retro look about it. It is made from strong, sturdy steel with a beautiful chrome finish over it. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen. In fact with the weight of it, you wouldn’t want to move it around often anyway. And once you taste the coffee, there would be little point in putting it away!

It measures approximately 11 inches by 7 inches by 12 inches and comes with a one year warranty.

Specifications and Features

1. Specialty coffee maker

2. All essential attachments included

3. Chrome plated, steel construction

4. Instructional video for use (after all, this is a serious coffee making machine)

A ten minute video comes as a welcome inclusion, as it will very much help you on your way to getting the best out this manually operated coffee maker. There is a learning curve associated with it, and it will require some practice before you make superb specialty coffee from it. But true coffee making is an art form, and it should be considered thus with this machine.

There are two main issues with the machine. Firstly the steam nozzle does not swivel out, and is very near to the boiler, so you need to take care not to burn yourself. Also, you need to wait for it to cool a little before you can refill it because the pressure of the steam is too high. But these are both minor issues that can easily be lived with, as the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

There have been many positive reviews around the internet regarding the La Pavoni espresso machine. The negative reviews have largely reflected on a problem with the machine resulting in having to contact the manufacturer for appropriate service. These reviews have been few and far between, indicating that these issues are not regular occurrences.

For the rest, all have been positive. Most indicate that once you get beyond the learning curve, you will be making great coffee. It is a manually operated machine after all, and as such will take you time to get a feel for it. One suggestion is to not use very finely ground coffee, at least not for the beginner anyway.

Overall, this coffee maker is a great buy, especially for those who want full control over their coffee making. It’s like comparing coffee making to photography. Those who want quick snaps buy a compact camera. Those who want to explore the art buy a top-of-the-range camera. The La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine is most certainly top of the range of the manual espresso machines world.

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