The Importance Of A Blend To Mobile Coffee Franchises

What do you think of when you sip your coffee? Does it invoke a vast selection of flavours which complement each other beautifully? Do your taste buds travel to Brazil and Honduras? Can you taste the sunshine and the heat of the roasters? Or does it just give you the buzz which gets you through the working day?

If the latter is true then it could be you’ve not tried a truly great blend.

What Can Influence The Taste Of Coffee?

While you might not be able to pin down all the individual notes and flavours, we all know when we have a poor quality cup of coffee. We know if the beans have been burnt. We know if the drink is watery. We know if the mobile coffee franchise hasn’t made the drink in the way they should have. Something is lacking and that can either be the quality of the coffee beans, a poor blend recipe, roasting issues, the machine, or the training the barista has received.

The Blend

The most common issues which are faced by unsuccessful mobile coffee franchises though, is that there is something wrong with the blend itself. It’s really important that the coffee selection process is both rigorous and ongoing. There are a lot of different types of bean, but there is also lots of different outside forces which will affect the taste, including weather, the soil the beans are grown in, and the when the beans are picked. These natural influences can affect the flavour for years after they’ve happened.

If a taster from the mobile coffee franchise doesn’t try the beans regularly, the taste can change and effect huge batches of the product. The coffee can be wasted, and the business can fail.

If you went to a mobile coffee franchise and you had a bad cup, the chances are you wouldn’t go back. So the blend has to be right and it has to be right every single time, for every single cup and for every single customer.

But what is the blend? In simple terms this just means the coffee recipe. By combining beans from different parts of the world you can guarantee a far richer taste profile than is possible from a single origin bean. This can occur before or after roasting, although if the beans are blended before the oils are given a better chance to combine and for the desired aroma and flavour during the roasting process. It is during this time that the beans are heated to release the flavour and to create the well-loved drink. The amount of time spent in the roaster will also impact the end product, so this is important to consider as well. Around 15 minutes will give quite a dark roast which taste rich and smell beautiful. Just what you want from a mobile coffee franchise!

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