Wega Espresso Machine – Best Way To Have Tasty Steaming Espresso

Wega Lyra is a brand company that is a popular one in the market and its products are highly admired and accepted by a large number of people in every corner of the world. Based in Bologna Italy, the company is a leading manufacturer in the field of espresso coffee machines. Since 1985, Wega is a highly renowned company and is known for its great product reliability, quality, durability and pricing. Wega espresso machine is one of the most demanded and liked product produced by Wega.

Wega espresso machine has the striking feature that it be purchased as separate items. Moreover, these espresso machines can also be taken in various packages that are needed to have espresso and cappuccino. The package includes main components like chocolate shaker, saucers, cups, espresso beans and frothing jug. Wega also trains their professionals so that the potential buyers can have demonstration of how to use Wega espresso machine and what its features are. Cleaning guidelines are also stated clearly so as to make customers aware of how to keep the machine and equipments clean and in working order.

There are mainly two categories of Wega espresso machine, the Professional Espresso and the Commercial Espresso. The category of Wega professional espresso features Faema E61 which is considered as the finest model in the industry. The main qualities of this are its reliability, large boilers, great rated equipments and high quality items. It also has the characteristic of holding thermal stability even in the busy locations and ensures that each espresso will be of same high quality than the first.

The Wega Venus range has been specially designed keeping in mind the commercial needs along with providing style to it. This category of espresso is comparatively higher than the others, and allows taking out around 16oz cups. The machine is fitted with a copper boiler and it is bordered by a composite shell that is made of plastic so that there is no risk of getting hurt from any hot surface. It also has boiler heat exchanger that helps in keeping a proper temperature of the espresso. The safety valves in the machine ensure that there the espresso does not drain out unnecessarily.

There are various other groups of Wega espresso machine too that are of very good quality and provide satisfactory features. They are Wega Atlas, Wega Sphera, Wega Atlas2, Wega Nova2, Wega Polaris, Wega Polaris2, Wega Nova Ale Lever and various other categories. The Wega Atlas group is specially designed on a tough chassis, copper boiler, automatic level control for the boiler, Sirai Pressostat and manometer with double gauge so that the customers can have satisfactory results by using the Wega espresso machine.

There is also a special Wega USA range which has been made with special considerations. The arms of the machine have been designed so that it can easily reach the jugs and the user can take out the content without any difficulty. One can also choose a semi-automatic or an automatic model according to ones needs and specifications.

So, if you are looking for a brilliant quality espresso machine, Wega is the best option to go for.

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